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Craps Australia is building the largest consumer database of poor service complaints, available to all consumers, in order to maintain business accountability.

We've all had poor service issues! If you had known the organisation's faults beforehand, you probably wouldn’t have spent your money and time on them, right? 

No more sitting on the phone and waiting to speak to the right person. No more sending written complaints, and waiting up to 30 days for a response!

Our site is easy to use and your complaint cannot be removed or blocked by the business. Your review is personal and no one can reply or comment on it to question why you feel undervalued as a customer (so you won't and can't be trolled). 

Organisations can contact consumers through Craps Australia and offer solutions. These solutions may consist of an apology, equity, a new or replacement product or even supply you with an account/complaints manager.

In the top right-hand corner of any review will be 5 possible outcomes:

  • Parties Talking - this indicates that the consumer and the business are communicating about the review and poor service
  • Solution Offered - this indicates that a solution has been offered by the business or the consumer, negotiations are in progress
  • Resolved - this indicates that the consumer and business have come to a resolution, and in many cases, the business has retained a valued customer
  • Unresolved - this indicates that neither the consumer nor the business can come to a satisfactory resolution
  • Nothing - this indicates that no contact with the consumer is being sought, however, the organisation can still see and learn from the review.

By lodging your poor service review, you are assisting consumers from all over the world (who see your complaint), make an informed decision.

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